Grazie Ristoranti Wine List –
Lista dei Vini

At both Grazie Ristoranti you will find small production hand-crafted wines that have been carefully selected to pair with our signature dishes.

This wine list has been put together with great care with the mission to provide our guests at Grazie with the finest selection of Italian wines. Every other year, for the last 35 years, we have taken most of the Grazie Ristoranti family to Italia, to immerse them in the culture of Italian wine and food. We have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with wonderful winemaking families. Almost all of the wines selected on our wine list are here because of the direct relationships we have established with the wineries. We will be happy to share with you insight into the production of these wines,. So please feel free to ask us to share a story or two about the people, their beautiful vineyards and of course, their remarkable wines.

We do have a limited selection of our local Pacific Northwest and California wines, as well. We are honored to have this opportunity to present these wines to you and to share our passion with each and every one of you who dine with us at Grazie.

Kevin & Maria