Bringing Italy Home to You

What better way to experience a taste of Italy than for our staff to travel there and bring it home for you! We love visiting Italy and so do all of our team members. Starting in 1991, we invited the entire staff to accompany us on our trip. Every other year since then, we’ve toured a different area of the country, visiting supplier’s facilities – wineries, olive groves, pasta factories – and authentic Italian restaurants, of course!

Thank you to Bella Fritz Photography for their wonderful images through this site.

Over 280 plane tickets later, we’ve had some amazing times, sharing stories and laughs, sights and smells and sounds, and learning about history and food. Then we bring it all home to share with you. Ask your waitperson about the last Italy trip they were on – or are looking forward to.

1991 Arezzo Umbria 22
1993 Castellina Tuscany 30
1995 Castellina Tuscany 33
1998 Cesenatico Veneto 30
2000 Tropea, Palermo Calabria, Sicily 32
2002 Siena Tuscany 36
2004 Venosa, Tropea Basilicata, Calabria 33
2006 Barolo, Florence Piedmont, Tuscany 35
2008 Gallipoli Puglia 30
2011 Veneto 21
2015 Piedmont 19