Words of Love from Grazie Ristorante's Wonderful Customers and Reviewers

Families, business people, out-of-town visitors, even newspaper restaurant critics, all love Grazie Ristorante. Check out what a few of them have said about us:

"My wife and I frequent your Canyon Park location. We would like you to know how much we enjoy your entire staff, in particular Jason and Drew. They are both so professional and engaging. Whenever we want to entertain family and friends, Grazie is our go-to location. To paraphrase Will Rogers, we haven't met a menu item that we didn't like. Mantenere il buon lavoro, keep up the good work, Grazie." — Eric & Julia

"Dear Maria, When I come to Seattle I make it a point to eat at your wonderful restaurant every time. I have always dreamed of owning my own restaurant and I always imagine it would have the qualities and the ambiance that you have created so well. Everything you do at Grazie Ristorante is just right and I feel at home when I eat here. Yes, your food is excellent but there is so much more than excellent food alone. I love it that you come and talk to people you don’t really know. I love the ambiance that is fun and relaxing and I love the service that is always just right – not too loud and not too proud, and I love the classy feel without arrogance. So this hat from Oklahoma is my way of saying to you and your staff that my hat's off to y'all for capturing that certain something some many restaurants miss. Please keep doing what you’re doing because nobody does it better!" — Joe Sinks

"...Rich fine blend of flavors and textures..." — Jim Goldsmith, Eastsideweek

"...Wonderfully warm and hospitable staff, coupled with a delicious menu..." — Debbie Doane, ESACC


"...Perfectly prepared calamari fritti.... Our waiter was kind enough to suggest wines.... Generous helpings.... We couldn't help but notice the little touches like chilled salad forks, promptly refilled glasses of water, and a waiter who knew the menu and wine list inside and out – signs that set Grazie a notch above your typical neighborhood Italian joint. Bring your heartiest appetite...!" — Jo Brown

"...Very special style of classic Italian fare. ...Innovative flavors and presentation are a welcome change of pace.... Deliciously seasoned capellini primavera.... What a treat! My favorite is the insalata primavera with artichoke hearts. ... Generous in portion and moderate in price. " — Penny Rawson, Journal American

"Authentic northern Italian cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere...." — Kamliia McClelland, The Olympian

"Delightful menu.... The fish was so superbly broiled that I was won over. The veal was delicately seasoned and so tender, no knife was necessary. Perfectly seasoned.... Magnificent dessert tray!" — Puget Sound Business Journal


"The restaurant is calm and subdued, filled with the smell of good food, unobtrusive background music and civilized conversation. It makes you become quiet, relaxed. It restores you. You might even want to go out and shop some more. Don't do it. Have dessert." — Tom Phelan, Seattle Times

"Nearly every dish on the menu of Northern Italian favorites (antipasti, salad, pasta, veal, chicken and seafood) is rich and delicious and the courteous staff is eager to demonstrate its go-the-extra-mile emphasis on customer service. ...Outstanding forrnaggeo fritto. The cup of thick minestrone, made fresh daily, was so filled with vegetables there hardly was room for the richly flavored stock. The piping-hot table bread, (oiled) herb rolls, was soft and delicious. The flavors were delicate without being cloying, and the three big prawns and numerous scallops were perfectly tender. The regular menu's sauteed prawns with leeks, herbs, spinach, tomato, orzo and hazelnuts provoked moans of pleasure. A rich and wonderfully creamy tortellini with wine and sun dried tomatoes repeatedly prompted appreciative ohhhs, ahhhs and ummms. A self-described 'professional Italian' called his ample portion of lasagna, with Italian sausage, pear-tomato sauce, Romano, mozzarella and ricotta, the richest he'd ever seen." — Seattle Times

"The delicate combination of flavors and spices resulted in a marvelous dining experience. However wonderful my meal, its conclusion superceded all. Dessert brought a tray of fresh baked torts, cakes, mousse pies and other pastries. My chocolate-addicted tastebuds cried out for the chocolate decadence. They were thrilled and it was sinfully decadent. Grazie's is a wonderful place to go wilh friends for a leisurely meal. It's conducive to warm conversation and laughter. The staff caters to your every need with attentive care and genuine smiles." — Winning Times

"In 1988, I was a hostess for Grazie, Southcenter location, when the cafe first opened. Later I became a server. Like many of your staff, Grazie has always held a special place in my heart. More than 20 years later, I still think of my time there fondly. Owners, Kevin and Bart, showed me the kind of employers I wanted to work for in the future.  They taught me that every employee's opinion mattered. They truly cared for their employees, and not just how they performed at work.  They believed that all aspects of someone's life were important to their success as one of Grazie's family. I took these lessons with me as I moved on through life.  Now as a freelance safety instructor, I still use what I learned and implement it with others that I work with.  I now have an associate degree in business and became certified in labor studies (with a focus on safety and education). Thank you, Kevin, I will always remember my time with Grazie and their staff warmly.  For those who now take care of your customers, I hope that you enjoy your time there as much as I did. PS: Wish you had had the Italy trips when I was there! Would have loved that opportunity :D " — Nora


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