Meet the Wonderful Grazie Ristorante Southcenter Team

You'll feel like you're at home among family when you get to know the staff at Grazie Ristorante at Southcenter. Our chef has worked with us for almost 20 years, and many other team members have been here for a very long time, too. You'll be able to ask which cheeses go with which dishes, which wines with which meats, and even where in Italy any dish comes from. Have fun and meet the staff. They're looking forward to serving you soon!

Diane Grim

Diane has worked at Grazie Ristorante for 7 wonderful years. She says, "I love Grazie, our food is amazing, and that reason alone keeps the restaurant successful. We have the freedom to be ourselves. Some of the corporate restaurants make you wear a uniform and repeat a script to all of your guest and that is not my style." 

Diane loves to travel, and has been to Europe, Asia, Belize and most of the Caribbean Islands. She has been to Italy twice, once as part of the Grazie Ristorante group. She learned a lot  about wine and got to meet the families and wine makers who produce the great wines that are  proudly served at Grazie Ristorante. She feels that the trips add to the company culture  and to her understanding that allows her to be more informative to customers. "It's the type of experience that you get to keep forever," she says.

Diane is a Seattle-area native and loves living here.  She has a beautiful 2 year old daughter and was just married in September 2009 in Puerto Rico. She has plans to expand her family in the future.


Fernando Torres

As a kid, singing has always been my passion. When I sing, I transform into an inspired poet. I have recently started to compose my own songs and  I found a connection with the acoustic guitar and it gave more meaning to my songs.

Along with singing and playing guitar, another important thing in my life is working at Grazie Ristorante. In that delicious Italian restaurant I  have the great pleasure of meeting new people every day. A very significant person in my life I also met at Grazie is co-owner Maria Downey. Not only does she offer me advice and respect, she is also like a mother to me. I, too, have great respect and love towards her and I am very thankful that she is always there for me.

Grazie is not just the place that I work, it is also the place where I can share my emotions, my happiness and even sadness, for Grazie and all of its workers and customers are my family. I could never imagine working anywhere else but in this amazing restaurant. Grazie, with my “mom” and of course along with my guitar and my dreams of one day inspiring others with my music!

More team members coming soon!    


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