A Day on the Lake "Italian Style"

On an overcast day in June, twenty Italian wine makers from all over Italy came to Seattle, many for the first time. We started our day on a 70-foot work boat dressed up to look like a restaurant dining room. The Italian winemakers came aboard to experience cruising on Lake Washington and Lake Union.  They got a glimpse of Bill Gates' house, a tour of the many unusual and beautiful houseboats, and the best panoramic view of the Seattle cityscape.

The cuisine was authentic Mexican, specially prepared by our Chef Vego, who happens to be originally from Mexico. None of the Italians on board had ever seen Guacamole before and were simply fascinated by it. Our menu consisted of a shrimp Ceviche, homemade Tamales, and Chicken Enchiladas. Each wine maker brought a collection of their own wines which turned out to be a perfect complement to the Mexican dishes.

After a few hours of laughter, great stories, many songs, and amazing wines, we landed back at the Seattle Yacht Club dock. Our Italian friends and new found sailors departed in time to fly home to Italy to share the fun and laughter.

Buon Viaggio

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