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  • Sweetbreads – A Delicacy to be Devoured! I love sweetbreads!  Not the kind you eat with your cappuccino in the morning, but the ones you eat as a treat every so often. I first tried them about ten years ago and have sought them out since.  It is not something you would eat every day, but something as a special treat. Rather than describing ... Read more..
  • A Hot August Night….Sizzles with the tastes of South America This is what happened when we gathered a small group of people to an Italian restaurant to enjoy the cuisine of South America paired with Chilean wines. An amazing time with our Ambassador, Javier Guinzazu. From a young age, Javier always had a passion for wine.  Having parents from the premier wine producing region of Argentina, ... Read more..
  • Summer Is Never a Dull Moment! Waterskiing on the ColumbiaSummer can be an amazingly busy time for all of us. Between taking sets on the ski lake, camping, going to parades and riding my bike, I still find time to organize and take time to facilitate all of our out of town guests we will be hosting for either wine touring, cooking amazing foods ... Read more..
  • Linguine con Vongole I love to eat a little lighter in the summer. No heavy sauces with lots a cream, or a meat ragu. One of my favorite most flavorful dishes is the Linguine with clams. Very simple, without to many ingredients to mask the flavors of all of the individual flavors. I have had it in many ... Read more..
  • Who Doesn’t Like A Great Cold Cut By Itself, Or In A Sandwich? Salami: It’s a large (3-4 inches across) sausage made with ground pork and cubes of fat that are seasoned with garlic, salt, and spices, and stuffed into the pig’s large intestine. It’s smaller cousin is salamino, with a similar filling (the fat may be ground somewhat finer) but only an inch thick. The town of ... Read more..
  • Carpaccio When is the last time you tried a good Carpaccio? Carpaccio is the international name of a typical Italian dish made with raw meat. The dish was proposed with this name for the first time in Venice, at the time of an exhibition dedicated to Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio, which took place around 1950. The diffusion and the ... Read more..