Meet the Fabulous Grazie Ristorante Canyon Park Team

When you dine at Grazie Ristorante, you'll discover the difference it makes when your wait staff loves what they do. Most of our team have been with us for years, some for over a decade. You'll be able to ask which cheeses go with which dishes, which wines with which meats, and even where in Italy any dish comes from. Have fun and meet the staff. They're looking forward to serving you soon!

Jason Courtney

"Jay" has been with Grazie Ristorante since 1996. He has attended two of the trips to Italy, one to Calabria and one to Tuscany. Jay says meeting the winemakers, touring their facilities and vineyards, and sampling the wines, enhanced his knowledge of old-world wine-making techniques and true Italian cuisine.  He said he can now be more helpful to Grazie Ristorante customers. "Grazie is a wonderful place to work," Jay beams, "I like the staff, the atmosphere of the restaurant, and especially the food."

Jay is an avid skateboarder (for over twenty years!), including participating in numerous competitions.  He contributes his skateboarding success to consistency and focus.  Another one of his passions is music. Jay performed with a live band for seven years – over 100 shows. Several times, the band performed at charity events for causes like breast cancer research, Easter Seals, and low-income housing.  Jay continues to create his own style of music solo in his spare time.

Jay claims that, whether it's skateboarding, performing music, or working at the restaurant,  you're always "on stage" and someone is always there watching and waiting to critique you. It's this realization that pushes him to do his best at all times. "I can honestly say that I am proud of all my accomplishments and grateful to those who've stood by my side on this adventure we call... life."

More team members coming soon!    


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